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Do you want your conditions to change? Or do you wannntttt your conditions to change?
Say the latter in your head drawn out and add a ‘but….’ at the end. You now know the difference. The latter is simply a recognition of your desire, the former a burning commitment.

Two things exist in the thin gray line between mission accomplishment and wishing. Pain and comfort.

Call it pain, discomfort, stress. It is not exclusively physical. There is an external stimulus that will move you to action, to change your conditions, and until that stimulus is so incollerable that you must change it, you likely will not.

Comfort is the worse of the two. It feels good to not have a crucial conversation that will be upsetting for you and your spouse, it feels good to be accepted by your friends while you have another drink Friday night.

These are the actions of cowards, I’ll be the first to own the title. But I would rather die than have someone else call me a coward, to tell me I took the easy way out and lost.

Fix it.
What is your goal? Why?
Identify the pain and comfort stopping you.
Why is it stopping you?
Why do you let it?
What is the worst that will happen if you lean in?
Is that the condition you really dread the most?
Why let it stop you?
Act with courage, lean in.