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Agility and Strength Camp

June 11th-August 4th


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Tuesday, Thursday 6:15-7:15pm


7th-10th grade

     Training will be programmed to meet the needs of each athlete and designed to work with their school’s summer strength and conditioning program.

     This camp is meant for athletes who have some experience and will continue to benefit from professional training.

Training focus:

~How to generate explosive strength, linear and lateral acceleration.

~Develop baseline strength and movement.

~Learn the mindset of champion athletes.

Sign up before May 1st to participate for $197 using code ATH18
After May 1st $247

Register here!

Meet the training staff:

Chad Kollmann: BS in exercise science, CSCS 10+ years, North Carolina State University strength and conditioning coach, college & semi-pro football 1999-2012.

Steven Knuth: Has been training at TNT for over 7 years now. In that time he has develop a unique ability to break down exercises for beginners into successful actions. His ability best compliments working with athletes between 6th and 11th grade.