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benefits YOU GET

We take into consideration your goals and your current lifestyle.

Impacts of exercising at TNT

With a team of encouraging trainers you also get a family! Our faith based group contains like-minded friends who are excited to encourage you to reach each of your goals and be the best you!

We can’t wait to meet you! 

Impacts of being more mobile

You will benefit from being more flexible no matter what you do – whether you have a family and kids, sit at a desk for hours, or are an adult athlete.

Being more flexible helps you maintain a better posture, lower risk of injury, and increase range of motion.

Impacts of being injury prevention

Physically, increased strength can improve your overall health and fitness, reduce the risk of injury, and make daily tasks easier to perform.

Our great strength training program at TNT focuses on form and controlled movements that will tone your muscles with exercises that won’t leave you fatigued.

Impacts of being confident in the gym

Physically you’ll carry a stronger sense of security and start living a lifestyle with less limitations. Mentally, being stronger will boost confidence and self-esteem, improve mood and reduce stress levels.

Additionally, it can lead to better sleep quality and overall well-being!

Find Your Why

what our clients say

Here at TNT we support you 110% & want to tune into YOUR why so we can attach the motivation and drive to each workout session!


our 3 step process


This is an opportunity to see how you move, learn about your goals, and use that to create a training plan that will best fit your needs.

Don’t worry, it’s not a workout!


Our biggest focus during your first 30 days is communication. Everyone is coached differently and we’re here to support you. That means checking in, providing guidance that’s relevant to you, and making sure you’re not just comfortable, but enjoy your training!


We’re here to help you see results within the first 3 weeks, whether you’re playing with your kids, playing on the field/court, or simply looking to reach new personal records. The best type of training is enhancing and excelling in what you do on a day to day! 

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