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What to expect when training at TNT?!


1. You begin with a one on one session where Steven or Chad get to know you and your goals, and teach you some of the basic exercises used daily.

  • We’ll also use this session to discuss your schedule and budget.

2. We set a plan and coach you along the way.

  • Starting at a new gym can be intimidating. We’ll be here to make sure you’re on the path to success!

  • We’ll help you schedule your first two weeks, and check in from time to time to see how it’s going.

3. Once you’ve created a habit of training we start the next phase!


A healthy, winning lifestyle is sustainable.

  • Coaching, eating recommendations, and body composition testing are all included in your membership.

Your first strategy session will be within your first month of training.

  • After that we’ll master one habit at a time in order to create a lasting change in your eating and lifestyle habits.


Imagine your whole family embracing this lifestyle!

Imagine your friends supporting you and being excited at your success!

Imagine what it feels like to achieve results again.

It’s all possible, it just requires you taking that first step to change…

It's time to see results

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