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New TNT Students!

For your safety and for our awesome trainers to best serve you we start with a free movement screen, and exercise orientation. This usually lasts about 45 minutes, make sure to wear clothes you can move well in as you’ll likely break a sweat! We discuss some corrective exercises that you need to do daily, and what memberships or personal training options we have that will suite your needs.

If you’ve never attended TNT’s classes or personal training it is super important that you attend this session, otherwise your first class will be pretty confusing!

TNT’s Trainers!

At TNT our core values are Honor~Service~Excellence. This isn’t some 90’s corporate mumbo-jumbo, we mean it! Our team at TNT is expected to have the highest level of integrity and character, do everything in their ability to help all the students at TNT, and to take each day as an opportunity to improve their performance, and become more knowledgeable.

Because of these standards we attract the best. Our team boasts former college athletes, veterans of law enforcement and military. These trainers holding certifications that are required for college and professional level organizations.

Kettlebells and More

TNT is the premier fitness gym in Fond Du Lac and West Bend WI.  TNT offers functional training for all levels of ability.  Elite athlete camps, class training sessions, small group personal training, barbells, TRX, kettlebells, bodyweight, sandbags, Olympic lifting, and even an obstacle course!  TNT is with out a doubt the best training opportunity in Wisconsin.

If you’re fortunate enough to attend TNT West Bend included with your membership is a customized warm up that addresses your movement needs and goals, as well as a small group personal training session a week. This isn’t come to the gym and do the same workout as everyone else, you will have a program based on what you want to improve on!

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