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Functional Fitness

Functional training is a dynamic, full-body workout that can improve your fitness level faster and more completely than you ever thought possible.  It is a time saving workout which combines strength training and cardio training into one routine.  While each day at TNT is different and incorporates every aspect of fitness, some days are more focused on strength, while other days are more focused on cardio, and yet other days are focused on mobility.  Our trainers are fitness professionals, who are top level instructors in the nation. They design well rounded workouts that people at any level can enjoy!

Whether you’re someone looking to lose 20lbs, become a professional athlete, or simply join a gym where you’ll see progress, TNT Fitness Results has the solution to your health and fitness challenge.

Prepare to have fun, learn, and be transformed.

What Is TNT?

TNT is a functional fitness studio that has locations in Fond du Lac, Brookfield, West Bend, Menasha, and Appleton.  We specialize in kettlebell training, yet have many other training modalities such as Olympic bars, medicine balls, Bulgarian training bags, TRX Suspension trainers, a military style obstacle course, and more!

TNT stands for THINKING, NUTRITION, and TRAINING because our mission is to help you reach your full potential. That is not limited to strength or athleticism, it is about your whole life!

You can simply come for OPEN GYM hours to do what you please, you can take CLASSES that are treated like semi-personal training sessions, or you can do 1-1 PERSONAL TRAINING.



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