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Beginner Bells

Everyone is nervous about joining a new gym, often we hear people say ‘I have to get in shape beforeĀ I join TNT’. Nothing makes Chad, Mike, or I cringe more. You are capable, we will scale the training for you, you must believe in yourself.

Beginner Bells programming is specifically designed to make you confident. The 6 week session hosts classes twice a week for about an hour. The only students that are allowed to attend are those within their first 6 months of being at TNT Fitness Results, and the very first session will be spent teaching you how to exercise with kettlebells safely!

Throughout the twelve classes we will address mobility issues, help you learn the ‘gym vocabulary’ and the matching exercises, build strength and endurance, and teach you the nitty gritty of TNT’s Ten Commandments of healthy eating.

Fond du Lac’s next session begins September 18th, at 6:15pm, classes are Tuesday and Thursday. Sign up before the 18th to attend Fond du Lac’s session for just $120.

West Bend’s next session will be announced in a few weeks. Schedule a free one on one session to start achieving the results you’ve been looking for now.

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