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How Do I Get Started With TNT Adult Fitness?


Everyone begins with ESSENTIALS CLASS.

This is a ONE-TIME class that is free if you join (remember TNT never has any joiner’s fees OR contracts), and is only $15 if you’re not going to join the gym.

Essentials class is for people that have never taken a class at TNT, and want to get to know a little more about the gym.   In Essentials Class, you will learn basic kettlebell techniques, and see how we use other equipment in the gym as well.  Come prepared to workout, you will sweat, however, this is also our chance to evaluate your fitness level to determine what level you should enter our gym at.  For some people, we recommend starting with personal training.  For others, we recommend jumping into classes, or simply utilizing open gym hours to workout as they please.  Others yet, come to Essentials class simply to learn kettlebell techniques from the highest level kettlebell instructors in Wisconsin.

To sign up for an Essentials Class, click on our class schedule and register yourself.  Click on the Essentials Class and pay for the drop-in rate (unless you already know you’re going to join, then click on the appropriate membership).  If you do decide to join, your drop-in fee will be credited toward your membership.

As always, call for questions at 920-251-4481 for Fond du Lac and 262-346-1669 for West Bend.  If you receive a voice box, leave a message, and we will get back with you as promptly as possible.  We’re looking forward to working with you!

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Obstacle Course


Designed to challenge all ages and fitness levels, this course, located outdoors on the TNT grounds, has permanent and portable obstacles.

Are you training for an obstacle course or adventure race like Spartan RaceTough MudderEdge of the Ledge, Warrior Dash, Dirty Girl Run, a half or full marathon, or just want to challenge yourself physically and mentally? This is a great opportunity to get a feel of what an obstacle course really feels like — to actually train for an obstacle course race!


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Nazar’s TNT Wrestling

Wrestling Logo

Nazar Kulchytskyy is statistically one of the most dominant wrestlers in America today.  Coming to the United States from the Ukraine, Nazar achieved 3 NCAA titles in wrestling, and recently received his United States citizenship so that he could stay in this great country for the chance to represent the United States on the World Championship team. He will be training with the best in the United States and utilizing his knowledge and skills to train our youth right here at TNT.  Your wrestler will:

• Learn age appropriate techniques
skills, games, balance, coordination, and
rules while having fun.

• Will be shown all 3 styles of wrestling
where they will have a great opportunity
to learn international wrestling skills at
their own level.

• Have available one on one individual trainings with Nazar Kulchytskyy.

• Have access to Free TNT strength workouts
included with wrestling school

Our first camp will run May 19th to June 13th

Ages 7-9 Mon. -Wed. 6:00-6:50

Ages 13-up Mon. -Wed. 7:15-8:45

Ages 10-12 Tue. -Thur. 6:00-7:30

Cost: $150. paid by May 10th ($170. after May 10th)

To Register Click ONLINE STORE and then SERVICES

Click HERE To Register Today

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